The Future


I found this particular picture from Facebook. It spoke to me. Everyone involved in writing ‘Bad History ‘ takes special pride in the fact that the music was 100% original  (aside from the Stars cover we loved so much). Writing music is my true passion. Don’t get me wrong,  i love performing.  But when someone tells me they listened to a song I wrote and they understand what I felt,  or it helped them through something,  those words make my days brighter. 

Sharing original music anywhere takes alot of sacrifice.  Time,  energy,  money,  emotion etc.  You know what else it takes? Support.  Support from fellow musicians,  fans,  friends,  and family.  In case you havent noticed, playing original music is difficult in this town. Even encased in hours of covers, originals are dismissed by crowds at bars and restsurants all over the place. If we want a reawakening of original, country music, it will take a combination of musicians and their support.  It will take everyone. So this is my request and my gratitude. I have had the privilege to record an original album and have the privilege to do it again in the future. This is thanks to you. Your requests of hearing more, your likes on facebook, your shares, your time and your hard earned money, your smiles and hugs and high fives have all gotten me to this place. So again thank you.

Now for my request: welcome more original local music into your life. Call radio stations and request, go to local shows, buy shirts, albums, share with your friends. You want more original, TRULY, original music? Ask and you shall receive. Ask for it, And some time in the future, we may see The Fort and Northern Indiana reform into a creative, beautiful originsl music factory. Theres enough talent all over this town. We can really make this happen.

With a full heart,